/ Computer Graphics [OpenGL] - Randomized 3D Particle April 23, 2012

Now that RentShare is settling into its new locale I'm on the hunt for a wicked dev who can keep up with our ferocious schedule and can handle our complicated payment infrastructure. This has led me to github and there are definitely a lot of interesting repos up there. After hours of reviewing code, comparing profiles, playing with interesting projects, getting bored with others, I noticed a few people had put up projects from school. This reminded me of some cool OpenGL projects I did a couple years ago in CS537, Interactive Computer Graphics. I found them and after ...

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/ RentShare was featured on Thillist! Oct. 31, 2011

"Because you shouldn't have to spend 525600 minutes collecting rent, use RentShare, a handy new payment platform taking the pain out of splitting & ponying up monthly dues by sending out individual reminders and streamlining their immediate payment...."

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/ RentShare Arduino signup alert Sept. 25, 2011

After a non-stop two months at the Brandery branding and designing RentShare.com for it's public release, it was time to have some fun. I have been itching for a while now to play around with an arduino so I decided, to go along with the release, I would make an arduino powered signup alert.

Here's the sparkfun purchase:

Product DEV-09950
Arduino Uno
Product COM-07950
Buzzer - PC Mount 12mm 2.048kHz
Product COM-08862
Super Bright LED - Red 10mm

For the alert we chose the first bar of Super Mario Bros underworld theme (the sheet music on the left) and translated it ...

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/ RentShare was written about in Brooklyn Magazine's "The Brooklyn 20" Aug. 2, 2011

A little publicity can't hurt...thanks Liv!

"...CEO Ian Halpern founded RentShare in his Clinton Hill apartment as a "social payment platform" designed for the uniquely interdependent and transitory nature of rental real estate in the city. It eliminates, says Halpern, the need for young people to use their checkbooks, already a dying commodity..."

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/ Siphon fix finally released May 29, 2011

After some help from the comunity I finally got around to fixing the problems with Siphon v0.9.4. Siphon v0.9.4 was mysteriously deleting addons from some users firefox installs and the settings were not working correctly on windows.

BUT these problems have been fixed with the release of v0.9.5. It was submitted to AMO today so it will take a week or two to be fully reviewed by mozilla but you can download it now on the version history page.

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/ Firefox 4.0 support for Siphon! March 27, 2011

Now that Firefox 4.0 is out with the new AddonManager XPCOM component I needed to update Siphon to support the changes. While doing that I took the time to add some cool new features:

Email and password encryption

With open and weak WEP encrypted wifi networks rampent I thought it was important to encrypt the Siphon users' email addresses and passwords but I didn't want to pay for an ssl certificate. So I found a JavaScript PGP encryption library, modified it slightly, integrate it, and embeded a public key into siphon. So now Siphon encrypts the email address ...

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/ My new stereo amplifier in a Brooklyn Absolute bottle Feb. 6, 2011

Recently my roommate's 42 year old amp finally died on us so I decided to i'd try and build one. I chose the audio amplifier kit from sparkfun which utilizes the STA6540 class AB power amplifier and is capable of 38W per channel. Plenty of power to piss off our neighbors. I got the kit, soldered it together and used my old laptop power supply to power it. Worked great! Check out the video ==>

A video of an initial test of the tiny 3" STA6540 stereo amp powering our gigantic speakers with ease.

Then, of course, I mistakenly ...

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/ Impulse v0.5.4 released to fix Ubuntu 10.10's security update Nov. 28, 2010

Impulse v0.5.4 Release Notes

  • Impulse will automatically unmute the chosen audio monitor source fixing the bug introduced by the latest Ubuntu 10.10 update
  • Added support for switching audio monitor sources by index.
  • Interface to switch audio monitor source index added to the screenlet options dialog.
  • Fixed bug in the screenlet's default theme that was drawing the max row peak outside the widget's canvas.

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/ Siphon on Lifehacker Sept. 17, 2010

There was an article about Siphon in Lifehacker today. Glad to see the work I do for free at least is getting some recognition.

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/ Siphon v0.9.0 Released Aug. 3, 2010

After much delay I finally put together an updated for Siphon. I have been incredibly busy but there was such an uproar from the community (plus I hate to leave my work in a broken state) that I took some time off and completed v0.9.0. VIew the release notes below for more information.

Siphon v0.9.0 Release Notes:

  • Configurable server support
  • Updated, simplified, and documented Siphon API
  • Easier Add-on management interface
  • Added ability to delete an addon from the sync list
  • Added ability to specify which installed addons get synced
  • Password now saved using the firefox password ...

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